We provide out of state Utah permit CCW certification for those looking to obtain the permit to carry outside of California. Obtaining a Utah CCW permit is much simpler than the California CCW and only requires that you meet minimum requirements and attend the training which is the similar to the material covered in the California CCW course.

More information on Utah's requirements can be found at: (https://bci.utah.gov/concealed-firearm/)

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion to be submitted with your application to the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Only private (1:1, or group) instruction is available.


  • Targets

  • Certificate of completion

  • Training outline

  • 2 Blue/White finger print card (finger prints not included)

  • Eye and ear protection


  • Students must bring own firearms

  • Firearm holster

  • 25 rounds for each firearm


All training is scheduled through appointment and each session is exclusive to you (1:1 or private group) which means your training is custom tailored to your training goals. The training can be provided at public indoor range of your choice, our private outdoor range, and even your home depending on your training agenda.

Call us anytime to schedule training (805) 426-9904, or emails us at training@ccwcertification.com


Our reputation for providing excellent training is backed by our guarantee you will agree, or your training is free!

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