What dates can I schedule training?

There are three ways to find training dates; the first is to review the Schedule page and the second is to email us at: trainer@ccwcertification.com, and lastly you can always call us at 805-426-9904.

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How can I get more information about California or Utah CCW permits?

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Do I need to own a firearm before I enroll for training or certification?

Owning a firearm for Basic training is not required in order to take lessons. It is highly recommended that you own your own firearm prior to taking the Intermediate and Advance classes.  It is absolutely required that you own a pistol prior to taking the CCW certification class.

As a "first time beginner" it is assumed that you don't own any firearm and so we have a variety for you to demo.  Our training is designed to assist you in evaluating which firearms to purchase.

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Where can I obtain the Ventura County Sheriff's Department CCW Application?

We offer a application for download here:
Ventura County CCW Certifications Application [View] [Download]

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